A Brief Look at the Global Popularity of French Toast

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French toast is a popular breakfast item known around the world, but many people don’t know where it was actually created for the first time. Most surprisingly, historians claim that it was likely first enjoyed in ancient Rome; not France!

A Brief Look at the Global Popularity of French Toast

In this article, we’ll share some other fascinating tidbits about the delicacy we now recognize as French toast in the United States.

  • French toast may have been a solution to reduce food waste. Before there were preservatives and refrigerators, bread went stale quickly. It’s thought that stale bread was used specifically to make French toast because it would soak up more of the milk and would therefore taste better after it was cooked.
  • French toast isn’t always made with milk and eggs. One of the most common methods of preparing French toast is by soaking pieces of bread in a combination of milk or cream and eggs. However, a variation of this dish — made in places like Brazil, Portugal and Spain — uses wine instead.
  • Stuffed French toast and French toast sandwiches are worldwide favorites. Fruit compotes, jams, and other sweet fillings are often added to the dish before the bread is fried or deep fried.
  • French toast can be savory. Although it’s common for Americans to enjoy their French toast with sweet berries and maple syrup, people in other nations prefer to add more savory elements to this dish. For instance, it isn’t uncommon for Bulgarians and Croatians to enjoy their French toast with sausage, prosciutto, or cheese.

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