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Crafting the Perfect SandwichHere at Citrus the Diner, our goal is to serve food that is fresh, flavorful, and delicious. We use simple, unprocessed ingredients to create a variety of filling, nutritious, and above all tasty dishes, and some of our most popular menu items are our sandwiches.

Of course, the sandwich is one of the most versatile dishes there is, with endless possibilities for experimentation and customization. However, all great sandwiches owe their greatness to a few fundamental techniques, which we will be going over here. Read on to learn some expert tips on how to craft the perfect sandwich.

  • Start with Great Bread- One of the keys to sandwich excellence is great bread. The bread should be more than just a vehicle for the other ingredients– it should be an integral part of the sandwich experience. Your choice of bread will affect your choice of sandwich filling, and vice versa, so if you know what you want to put in it, make sure to pick a bread that will complement those flavors.
  • Balance Your Fillings- Another principle of great sandwich-craft is balance. All the flavors and textures in the sandwich should work together, with no one ingredient overpowering any of the others.
  • Layer Ingredients Carefully- A third key to crafting the perfect sandwich is to layer your ingredients in the right order. While there can be some flexibility in this order, you should always be careful to arrange your sandwich fillings in a way that prevents the bread from becoming soggy, particularly the bottom half. In general, it’s a good idea to apply your condiments first, then a layer of protein, followed by cheese (if you’re using it), and then veggies on top. Also ensure the ingredients are spread evenly over the bread so that each bite tastes exactly the same.

For delicious sandwiches without any of the fuss, visit us today at Citrus the Diner for lunch or brunch.