How to Find Health Food When Eating Out

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If you’re committed to eating more wholesome and nutritious foods, you might find it difficult to agree on a place to eat when you’re trying to go out for a meal with your friends or family. Those who aren’t as health-conscious or aren’t concerned about getting the proper macronutrients or vitamins their bodies need might not understand your hesitation to go to certain restaurants.

How to Find Health Food When Eating Out

Even though it can certainly be challenging to find health food in the midst of oversized portions and calorie-dense meals in diners across the country, there are some easy ways you can enjoy a delicious meal in a restaurant without sacrificing your health or weight loss goals. Here are some of our top suggestions:

  • Look for easy swaps. Many restaurants offer healthy sandwiches that are accompanied with a large portion of French fries. However, good diners will typically have plenty of sandwich sides to choose from, including salads, fresh fruit cups, or other health food.
  • Order items à la carte. If there aren’t any entrees with suitable health food, you can always create your own healthy plate by ordering individual items from the restaurant’s side dishes.
  • Opt for grilled chicken over crispy or fried chicken. Grilled chicken is far better for anyone who wants to reduce their intake of fat and calories. Fried chicken traps the excess fat within the meat, leading to a more calorie-dense dish. Plus, this cooking process can also reduce the number of certain nutrients naturally found in chicken, such as potassium and iron.

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