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Make the middle of the day more enjoyable at our lunch restaurant.

Today, it can feel like our schedules are more jam-packed then ever before. We are often running from place to place or meeting to meeting, trying to get things done. While there are certain benefits that come from being productive, there are also benefits of taking time to slow down every once and awhile and treat yourself to a proper meal. Here at Citrus the Diner, we want to become your favorite lunch restaurant in the Denver, North Carolina area for just such occasions!

Lunch Restaurant in Denver, North Carolina

Our lunch restaurant has everything you need to take a well-earned break during the day and enjoy something that is fresh, flavorful and made to your liking. Whether you want something light and healthy like one of our delicious salads or something warm and hearty like our burgers or chicken, we have something to appease everyone! We offer great sandwiches with bold flavors that will beat out anything you could make at home along with wonderful wraps, great main courses like our flaky pot pies, and so much more. Because of our variety of flavors and options, we are confident that our lunch restaurant will quickly become the workplace favorite place for your team.

We love helping people break up their day with the tastes of great food and fresh flavors. Life is meant to be enjoyed, and we feel that a great lunch break is one of the best ways to treat yourself during a tough work week. If you have been looking for a lunch restaurant with a menu that is flavorful and enjoyable, come and see us today.

At Citrus the Diner, our lunch restaurant serves visitors from Lake Norman and Denver, North Carolina.