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Enjoy your midday with something from our lunch menu.

When you are starting to feel hungry during the middle of the day, it can be hard to figure out what to eat. Here at Citrus the Diner, we can help you find something delicious and enjoyable to break up your midday doldrums with a delightful lunch menu. Our wide variety of dishes means your lunch can consist of almost anything you have in mind. This includes dishes that are more healthy like salads or sandwiches to ones that are filling and indulgent, such as our pot pie, burgers, hot dogs or mac-n-cheese. Come in today and choose the best dish for your midday delight!

*Menu availability and pricing may be different for on-line orders.

Citrus the Diner
Citrus the Diner Menu

At Citrus the Diner, our restaurant serves visitors from Lake Norman and Denver, North Carolina.